Konosé bo isla / Know your island


Uniek Curaçao started in the early 1990s as a working group in the “tourism awareness program” of the CTBD, continued after this program as a project group, and became a foundation in 1992. Read more in organization/history.

The first activity of the working group was to map the special places and attractions of Curaçao and to publicize them by using slides, photos, and information brochures. 

The subsequent activities as a working group were to organize photo exhibitions and excursions showing Curaçao as a unique place. The emphasis has shifted from promoting foreign tourism to local recreation under the motto Konosé bo isla.

Aside from local recreation, work was started to improve the quality of life on Curaçao. Attention for tourism was focused on sustainability and its development. The foundation started working in the communities and on educational, environmental, and nature and culture projects. Read more in work sectors.

A recurring challenge for the foundation, as with all volunteer work, is that new and more volunteers are regularly needed. The Uniek Curaçao Foundation has many sectors in which different activities are performed. Everyone is welcome to participate in the various activities. 

Companies and individuals can support with material and/or financial contributions. The more support, the more the foundation can achieve. Read donations.

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